The Benefits of an Almost Blank, or Blank, Sympathy Card

The card pictured above has only a small pre-printed messages inside, and is recommended as ideal for writing your own poem or heartfelt message.   When a sympathy card has space for personalisation, it can be a huge source of long term comfort to the person receiving it, as compared to a card with only the sender's name alongside purely generic wording.


Will You Be Making the Most of Your Golden Years?

This informative book by Ray Brown deals with aging and death in a very matter of fact but witty, practical and comprehensive manner. Very thought provoking and yes, sad at times,  but importantly overall there is none of the doom and gloom you might expect from a book concerned with aging and dying.  See the reviews for yourself here.


Not just a List of People Attending - A Guestbook with a Difference

With plenty of space for people to write, you can gain full advantage from this guestbook by allocating one or two people to pass it around - encouraging and welcoming mourners to explore their feelings and share what the deceased person meant to them in this elegant guestbook.  In this way, this well designed guestbook will serve as a unique keepsake and condolence book for those closest to the deceased. 


It comes with some poignant poems and verses included and thankfully still has plenty of space for funeral guests to write and share special memories, messages of support, or indeed a poem of their own.  Yes, this particular guestbook has the potential to be much much more than merely a list of attendee's names/contact details.