Finding Happiness Within - 30 Potent Positive Affirmations to Help you  Make It Happen

IMPORTANT TIP:  When you go through these affirmations say them like you absolutely mean them, putting much emphasis on the words underlined

Are you now ready to help yourself to happiness?  On this page there are 30 exceptional affirmations/affirmative Statements and you can


  • say them,
  • shout them,
  • sing them,
  • write them,
  • record and listen to them, and/or
  • visualise them


Do these things on a regular basis to re-tune your mind and open yourself up to more and more happiness in your life. 


Now ... I bet your phone isn't too far away so go ahead right now and set a few reminders  to prompt you to indulge in these affirmations every day from this point on.


And one more thing - if you want to give yourself an extra boost then why not ...




... and read through some, or indeed all, of the affirmations with gusto every time you start your internet browser or open a new window.  And do PLEASE PROMISE yourself that whenever you say them, you say them like you really mean them!

  • I am acutely aware that I can choose to be happier.

  • I just know I have great capacity for happiness.

  • I am getting better and better about taking ownership of my own happiness.

  •  I know it makes sense to have a positive mindset



  • I positively allow myself to be happy everyday

  • I give myself permission to enjoy my life.

C'mon now - say them like you actually mean and believe them (even if you don't ... yet!)

  • I am resilient and I can find a way to handle just about anything.

  • I consciously engage in increasingly positive self talk.

  • I feel at ease, content and optimistic.

That's right - force yourself to say your Happiness Affirmations with Passion and Gusto

  • I realise my efforts to be more and more positive are worth it.

  • I am reaping the benefits of my positive mindset.

  • I can be happy whatever my current status.

  • I feel at peace and serene.

  • I am thought aware and channel my thoughts in a constructive direction.

  • I boldly embrace life’s challenges and trials.

  • I take time to notice the good things in my life, large AND small.

  • I use positive thinking and affirmations for problem solving.

  • My positive mindset helps me keep things in perspective.

Be EXPRESSIVE as you go though these Positive Affirmations for Happiness (smile as you say them, or narrow your eyes - whatever does it for you!)


  • Positivitity and Happiness are my favourite habits.

  • I am in charge of my own happiness.

  • I focus on progression no matter what the circumstances.

  • I consistently and wilfully engage in positive thinking.

  • My journey through life is a journey filled with much joy.

  • I take time to appreciate all my blessings, little and large.


  • I smile and regularly call to mind good memories.

  • I can recognise the value of even the most mundane things in my life.

  • Being thankful and grateful is an important part of my day, everyday.

Just 3 Happiness Affirmations left -  so go for it - use all the PASSION you can possibly muster

  • I look-out for opportunities to help others whenever I can.

  • I take time out to uplift myself, and others.

  • I have peace of mind and I am happy.


Did you keep that promise?   If yes, well done You.  Rinse and repeat but if not quite, there's always next time.

If you want to Help Happiness Happen for you ...

Keeping it Real!


Yes, you may well feel sceptical or silly about using Positive Affirmations like the ones above but rest assured they can certainly improve your propensity for happiness. 


But ...

it's not a magic formula, and your state of mind won't be totally transformed overnight as it takes a while to overturn thought patterns and processes that have been a lifelong habit.


  • You have to know that you also need to recognise, catch and offset as many negative thoughts within your self talk as you possibly can.  You may not catch them all, but the more you can counter all the better for your peace of mind, mental well being and overall happiness within.

  • You must also know that consistency is the key to making the above Positive Affirmations for Happiness Within take root.

Next ...

Go put reminders in place (e.g. set the alarm on that phone and/or make this page your homepage) so that you are positioned to repeat these Happiness Affirmations on a regular basis with gusto and passion.   It'll all be so worth it.


What's your favourite way of using Positive Affirmations?  Do you have an unusual way of helping them work for you?


Let us know in the comments below


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